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The British Naturopathic Association is on the frontline of integrative, complementary and alternative medicine research for integrative healthcare practitioners, students, faculty, and anyone interested in the field of naturopathic medicine. 

Although naturopathy is a traditional practice, it has been the subject of rigorous peer-reviewed research. In some countries, naturopaths have the right to practice medicine, and are able to directly treat patients for conditions like diabetes and cancer, and can prescribe essential medicine for conditions such as low thyroid function and hypertension in addition to natural products. The fact that naturopathy is eclectic and personalised to the individual makes it unsuited to typical blinded clinical trials, which are designed for either a specific drug or a placebo to be given to patients and the response is measured. Therefore a body of evidence is required to show an overall effectiveness of naturopathic treatment, and the ways it is measured uses different types of study. 

This web page is a collection of published studies on how naturopathy or naturopathic medicine treatment has been effective either as an adjunct to allopathic medicine or as a standalone treatment, and is a work in progress.

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The British Naturopathic Association is affiliated with the General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN), the leading registering body of Naturopaths in the UK.
All members listed in the Register of Practitioner Members are qualified in Naturopathy and either hold a Degree, Masters, PhD in Naturopathy or have gained a minimum Level 6 qualification.

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