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The British Naturopathic Association (BNA) provides continuing professional development (CPD) events AND ON-LINE COURSES for its members and CAM Practitioners across the UK. Our members are required to hold a current First Aid certificate and Up-to-date DBS Check. The BNA organises yearly First Aid Training for our members and other practitioners. If you would like us to help you organise your DBS check for a minimal fee get in touch today.

On-line Courses

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£45 BNA Annual Summit: Demystifying Hormones (6 CPD)


Blueprints to Success: Key Tips on Running a Thriving Business.

Wednesday 12th February 2020 6:30pm - 9pm at BCOM 6 Netherwell Garden NW3 5RR

Yuwa Aguedo, Oliver Barnett and Luncinda Miller


> Members: £15
> Non-Members: £25

Price Includes refreshments.

The British Naturopathic Association Annual Summit 2019 - Demystifying Hormones

The British College of Osteopathy (BCOM), London, Saturday 16th November 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

For Naturopaths and all CAM practitioners, who want the best in continuing education, research, and mutual support, the BNA takes the lead. We proudly embrace our roots, established in the early 1900s as the Nature Cure movement, with a reminder of the philosophy that, “the constant effort or impulse of the life-force in the human body is towards self-cleaning, self-repairing and positive health; that even acute disease is a manifestation of this self-curative force. Ill health and disease can, therefore, be eradicated only by removing all obstructions and by raising the tone of the body so that this natural inherent reconstructive self-purifying activity can do its own work safely and fully.”

A CPD accredited event including powerful talks for Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Nutritionists, TCM Practitioners, and CAM Students interested in Naturopathic and Wellbeing Based Medicine.


In association with the GCRN, the British Naturopathic Association invite you to join us for our first Annual Summit 2019/AGM – Demystifying Hormones. Guaranteed to be a remarkable one-day, multi-speaker, interactive event, with presentations from world-leading clinicians. Click here for the day Programme and event Flier. To be held at The British College of Osteopathy (BCOM), London, Saturday 16th November between 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


> GCRN Members: Free

> Early Bird Non-Members £35 (Early Bird Price Until September 30th)

> Non-Members: £55 (If Bought After September 30th)

All prices include refreshments.


Hidden Mineral Imbalances And Their Role In Stress, Cancer and Ageing

Thursday 24th October 2019, 6:30 – 8:30pm (Doors open at 6pm)

At The British College of Osteopathy (BCOM). Entrance via 6 Netherhall Gardens, London. NW3 5RR

BNA/GCRN Members £5 (includes BCOM Students) Non-Members £15. 2 CPDs

The risk of mineral imbalance throughout the lifespan is profound. As we age and consume an acidogenic Western diet, our mineral stores diminish (often unknowingly), leaving us metabolically challenged, acidic, depleted in energy, with reduced resilience and at risk of chronic disease and abnormal cell growth. Research now shows there are links between stress, cancer and ageing with pH imbalances and depletion of crucial, and often forgotten minerals, such as magnesium.

In this seminar you will discover:

  • The prevalence and profound effects of mineral deficiency in health
  • The links between pH and magnesium in the ageing process and chronic disease
  • Why cancer may be intricately linked with disturbances in acid-base balance
  • How magnesium deficiency and acidosis contribute to increased stress responses
  • Simple and effective dietary and therapeutic measures to counteract magnesium deficiency and latent acidosis and their potentially detrimental effects


  • GCRN Members: Free

  • Early Bird Non-Members: £35 (Early Bird Price Until September 30th)

  • Non-Members: £55 (If Bought After September 30th)

 Seminar hosted by The BNA and GCRN, sponsored by Bio-Practica.

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