Naturopathy is a distinct type of primary care medicine

that blends age-old healing traditions with scientific advances and current research. It is guided by a unique set of principles that recognize the body's innate healing capacity, emphasise disease prevention, and encourage individual responsibility to obtain optimal health.


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Landmarks in the History of the British Naturopathic Association

1920 - Founding of The Nature Cure Association of Great Britain and Ireland

1929 - Founding of the British Association of Naturopaths

1945 - Amalgamation of The Nature Cure Association of Great Britain and Ireland and The British Association of Naturopaths to form the British Naturopathic Association

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Educational Materials for CPD Accreditation

Practitioners of various disciplines and educational institutions may submit educational material(s) or apply to the GCRN for its review and accreditation

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Established in the early 1900s with our roots in the Nature Cure movement, the British Naturopathic Association (BNA) is a professional association for Registered Naturopaths providing mutual support, protection and continuing education for the furtherance of Naturopathy. We are the longest standing Naturopathic organisation in England, and we understand the importance of high-quality education and support for our members.

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About the british naturopathic association

At British Naturopathic Association, we accredit skilled Naturopathic practitioners across the UK to bring you the best possible service and treatments. However, you may not fully understand the full scope of Naturopathic medicines and how they are utilised within health care. Discover what makes Naturopathy so unique today, and why our association is beneficial to bring you the best care possible.

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About Naturopathy

Discover Naturopathy today and explore a system of primary health care, which works with your efforts towards the optimal expression of physiological, physical, and mental health. Learn about the Triad of Health and Naturopathic medicine from our detailed breakdown of the effective treatment today and find out why our association is so important. We can help you become a member of the British Naturopathic Association or find your nearest accredited practitioner for a consultation!

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